Rent Trimble GCS900 for Grader & Excavator

At SITECH Malaysia Singapore, we know that renting offers several benefits, such as testing a piece of equipment before you buy. Depending on how often you need a piece of equipment, renting can also help you save money during a short-term job.

We rent Trimble GCS900 specifically for Grader and Excavator systems to help you take advantage of the latest technology. Give your company a competitive edge by renting Trimble machinery — the company that invented grade control equipment — from SITECH Malaysia Singapore.

About Trimble GCS900

Trimble Grade Control System - Start moving more dirt, more accurately, than ever before. Trimble offers the most complete line of Grade Control Systems that are easy to use, fully upgradeable and flexible enough to meet a wide range of application and job site requirements. There is simply no better solution to meet the challenges of today’s schedules and budgets. Gain a competitive edge, streamline your operations, and improve your bottom line with Grade Control Systems from Trimble.

Site Position System Rental

Save money on your construction equipment by renting a Trimble site position system. SITECH Malaysia Singapore has a variety of Trimble rentals for when you need positioning and alignment equipment but aren’t ready to purchase new products. At SITECH Malaysia Singapore, we know renting is an easy way to test if a piece of equipment fits your team and construction operation. Try a Trimble site position system today and give your team a competitive advantage.

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Trimble Site Positioning System Equipment

Trimble offer a full range of site position system equipment for aligning, leveling, and positioning your interior, underground and general construction work. Get a competitive advantage by choosing Trimble — the company that combines heavy-duty equipment with smart technology to maximize your productivity through data analytics and real-time connectivity.

SITECH Malaysia SIngapore Selection of Site Position Systems

At SITECH Malaysia Singapore, we rent a wide array of site position systems from Trimble, including:

  • SPS930: Trimble SPS Series Universal Total Stations (ROBOTIC) provide the highest possible degree of accuracy for construction site positioning, stakeout, measurement, and machine control.
  • SPS785: Fully capable GNSS receiver featuring proven Trimble quality and accuracy priced for a faster return on investment.
  • SPS855: Save time, money, and headaches with the SPS855, Trimble's reliable, easy-to-use base station solution. With remote monitoring and alerts, an internal radio and rover capability, the SPS855 meets all your needs.
  • SPS985: Tougher than Tough Enough. The SPS986 GNSS Smart Antenna is small, tough and useful. As a GNSS rover system or as a base station, the SPS986 does it all.
  • Trimble Controller: Dependable, modern, next-generation survey controllers that enable you and your team to get the job done efficiently and accurately, every day, all day.
  • Trimble Tablets: Connect your office to the field with a Trimble tablet, rugged and fully connected field computer for construction measurements and site positioning. Brains and brawn. What could be better.
  • Trimble SiteVision: A user-friendly outdoor augmented reality system used for communicating new designs and changes to field crews, inspections, determining productivity and calculating quick measurements on site including points, lines and cut/fill values.

No-Commitment Rental from SITECH Malaysia Singapore

With rentals from SITECH Malaysia Singapore, you can try new equipment and see what works the best for your construction site without making a big investment. Renting is also helpful for companies that don’t frequently use site position equipment and require it for a short time span.

All our rental equipment is maintained and updated by our qualified technicians. A SITECH Malaysia Singapore can help you find equipment that suits your budget, time frame and project goals.